The Diocese of Jamaica & The Cayman Islands

Vision Statement

“A spiritually vibrant church rooted in the Apostolic Faith and inspired by God to nurture communities and transform the nations we serve.”

Mission Statement.

“The Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (Anglican) is committed to liturgical worship, safeguarding the integrity of creation, the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, service and outreach programmes to the community, transforming societies to facilitate the development of spiritually vibrant peoples.”

Core Values.


The Anglican Church is a caring church whose members are sensitive

to the needs of each other.

1 Peter 3 v 8.


The Anglican Church is a welcoming and open Church with cordial

and sociable members.

1 Peter 4 v 9.


The Anglican Church constitutes democratic and empowered members

who think for themselves.

John 10 v 3.


The way of defining oneself, to serve others before oneself.

Mark 10 v 45.


Spiritual discipline: Biblical and theological study and reflection

through application of scripture.

1 Corth. 15 v 58.


To be honest, truthful and just, fair in all we do.

Psalm 24 v 3&4.

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