St. Mark, Mandeville Parish Church

Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Mark, the Mandeville Parish Church, is to know Christ and proclaim his goodness and love to all people through prayer, worship, spreading the gospel and the promotion of Justice and peace.


To guide us towards achieving Our Mission, St. Mark will pursue the following goals:

1. Lay Ministry:

To generate and provide opportunities and training for the members of the Church, so as to enable them to exercise their ministry in the Church and the wider community.

2. Evangelism:

To reach out beyond ourselves to incorporate new members into our fellowship in an effort to support the mission of the Church.

3. Outreach:

To support the mission of the Church by reaching out beyond the Church community, by calling, praying and offering help to others through our various organizations and the use of our buildings.

4. Educational & Spiritual Life:

To emphasize Christian and biblical studies centered on commitment to God, God’s people and the world.

To become well-informed about critical issues and traditions of our Church, the Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in the Province of the West Indies.

Objective Statement : St. Mark (Mandeville Parish Church) is a vibrant growing congregation of at least 500 active members with spirit filled services, supporting relevant and effective outreach programme and operating in a friendly environment embraced by the church.


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