Pastor’s Message:Ninth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 11

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the story of the sisters, Martha and Mary, whereby they were depicted as being distracted or focused is one that reflects the attitudes of many of us. Some of us may be distracted by one thing, and at another time very focused. So, in a sense we may embrace the attitudes of Martha and Mary. My question to us however is, what distracts us that we are not able to listen to God speaking to us? Too often it is the menial things that satisfies our material needs; ‘I need to wash my clothes, since I have to work all week, so I cannot go to church.’ Distraction causes us to lose our way, be it in our work, relationships, and even playing a game. When we are distracted from God, we become unloving and selfish, causing conflict and discord. Being focused give us the opportunity to engage the other towards unity, displaying love and hope for a better future in our pilgrimage of life, and the promise of everlasting life. Being focused on our relationships build our desire to be in the presence of the other, and more so with God, who desires our response to his being ‘always with us.’

Every blessing to you all.

Fr. Barry


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