Pastor’s Message: Eight Sunday after Pentecost Proper 10

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we too ask this same question of Jesus as did the Lawyer; “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” St. Paul responds to us by saying; ‘believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.’ But that’s not all. To ‘inherit’ and ‘believe’ requires that there ought to be a relationship with the one who offers the inheritance, and the one in whom we believe. The foundation of that relationship is one that is based on love; love of God, love of neighbour, and love of self. This love that is required is set in a command; “love one another as I have loved you.” Loving God, neighbour and self is not an easy task, more so as it relates to our neighbour. It requires us to be purposeful, faithful in the giving of self, time and talent. The Samaritan did just that as outlined in the parable that Jesus gave. The two others, I believe reacted to the situation just as many of us would, we would show no mercy to the helpless. Jesus is calling our attention to how we treat the other, even if they are not ’one of us.’ Would not you and I, if some thing bad befall us, want someone to help us up? So why should we not embrace the other, even if they were our enemy? To inherit the Kingdom, is to show mercy, and Jesus tells us ‘to go and do likewise’ just as the Samaritan did. Let’s show mercy, love, justice and peace.

Every blessing to you all.

Fr. Barry


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