Pastor’s Message:Seventh Sunday after Pentecost Proper 9

My brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus asked his disciples to ‘rejoice that their names are written in heaven.” The question is asked of us today; “is your name written in heaven?” Jesus’ disciple had gone on a mission to tell others of the Good News, that the kingdom of heaven was at hand, and had returned to give thanks for their accomplishments. They seemed to be ‘beating their chest’ as they shared their report, missing out on the real purpose as disciples, their role and responsibilities as ‘laborers in his harvest.’ The mission is not about us, but about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and bringing others to him. There are many persons who need to hear the Gospel, and it is our duty as children of God to go tell them by the life we live, the desire to forgive, and being agent of reconciliation. The disciples where empowered to go and make a difference, so too are we to bring ‘peace’ and destroy evil, giving hope to a nation in turmoil. Jamaica today needs, we who are called ‘children of God’ to act as agents for peace and justice, encouraging a return to ‘Jamaica land we love.’

Every blessing to you all.

Fr. Barry


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